My current research is on the economics of Canadian civil procedure, class actions and oil and gas sector.

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Working Papers

Government Intervention into North American Bitumen and Heavy Oil Markets (with J. Winter)
Curvature and the Varying Stringency of Pigouvian Taxation

Energy, Environment and Agriculture

Lessons from a Utility-Sponsored Revenue Neutral Electricity Conservation Program, Energy Policy, 2021, 150, 112157.
Public Transit and Air Pollution: Evidence from Canadian Transit Strikes (with N. Rivers and S. Saberian), Canadian Journal of Economics, 2020, 53(2).
Pollution and Political Productivity: The Effect of PM on MPs (with A. Heyes and N. Rivers), Land Economics, 2019, 95(2): 157-173.
Gasoline Price and New Vehicle Fuel Efficiency: Evidence from Canada (with N. Rivers), Energy Economics, 2017, 68: 454-465.
New Vehicle Feebates (with N. Rivers), Canadian Journal of Economics, 2017, 50(1): 201-232.
Taxes, Volatility and Resources in Canadian Provinces, Canadian Public Policy, 2016, 42(4): 469–481.
Salience of Carbon Taxes in the Gasoline Market (with N. Rivers), Journal of Environmental Economics and Management, 2015, 74(1): 23-36.
The Effect of Carbon Taxes on Agricultural Trade (with N. Rivers), Canadian Journal of Agricultural Economics, 2015, 63(2): 235-257.
Regulation and the Financial Performance of Canadian Agribusinesses (with D. Sparling), Agricultural Finance Review, 2011, 71(2): 201-217.
AgriStability with the Prospect for Catastrophic Price Risk for Cow-calf Producers (with J.R. Unterschultz and T. Nilsson), Canadian Journal of Agricultural Economics, 2010, 58(3): 361-380.
Cow-calf Producers Should Blame Exchange Rates Not BSE for Lost Wealth (with Z. Komirenko and J.R. Unterschultz), Journal of Toxicology and Environmental Health, Part A, 2009, 72(17-18): 1086-1091.

Law, Regulation and Politics

Interacting Corporate Political Activities with Evidence from the Tobacco Industry (with K. Rao), Business and Politics, accepted.
Spillovers from Regulating Corporate Campaign Contributions (with A. Fremeth and B.K. Richter), Journal of Regulatory Economics, 2018, 54(3), 244-265.
Motivations for Corporate Political Activity (with A. Fremeth and B.K. Richter), Advances in Strategic Management, Strategy Beyond Markets, 2016, 34: 161-191.
Campaign Contributions over CEOs’ Careers (with A. Fremeth and B.K. Richter), American Economic Journal: Applied Economics, 2013, 5(3): 170-188.

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